P2P Limited’s e-commerce portal is a facilitator of e-commerce transactions between desktop business application users and their vendors. A secure web service connects the business application to the portal, which then facilitates a live web service connection to the vendor’s own ERP system.

The “Check” Process

The end user business client populates his/her own purchase order either manually or through a min/max automated system. Another way is to import the order from a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) device after scanning the shelves.

Once this has been done, a single “CHECK” button will initiate a live connection to the vendor’s ERP system via the P2P Limited portal and return immediately with “available stock”, “current pricing”, and a “link”. For the technically minded, this is done using the very latest .net web service with an XML data packet.

The “availability” will tell the business owner how much stock the vendor currently has available. The “current pricing” will tell the business owner what he/she will expect to pay. The “link”, when clicked, will take the user to the vendor’s web site page, log him/her in automatically and show the product in question with all further details with specials, photos, and whatever other information the vendor may want to display.

The “Submit” Process

Once the purchase order looks acceptable, the “Submit” button will facilitate a live connection to the vendor’s ERP system via the P2P Limited portal. The order will then be automatically inserted into the vendor’s system. For the technically minded, the vendor’s system will receive an XML data set with the relevant information.


Advantages for the Vendor

For the Vendor, there is no longer a need to have several people on phones taking manual orders or entering data manually from faxed orders. This task, for the greater part becomes automated and error free. The vendor can also have “web site ordering” but the end user will always prefer to use their business application so that data entry into their own system happens only once.   

Advantages for the User

For the user, no re-entry of data will now be required when the goods arrive. In addition to that, no double orders can take place as the system will be “aware” of orders in progress and back-orders. This is not possible if one is ordering from a vendor’s web site or their proprietary ordering system.


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