SMSP2P Limited provides an advanced and secure gateway for SMS, (TXT messages) for its partners’ applications. Examples of such applications include VETLINKSQL, PETLINKSQL, and HAIRLINKSQL from Computer Fanatics Limited. These applications connect on a live basis to P2P Limited via a secure Web Service to facilitate outgoing SMS messages and to manage and track replies.

Unattended Tasks

There are many benefits to the business application user. These applications use two-way messages to communicate with clients and interpret answers sent back to activate “events” inside the application. Usually, very little “human capital” is required by the user in terms of phone conversations or manual tasks.

One such example involves the sending of SMS “reminder” messages to clients with appointments, with a “Reply Request” to confirm. An affirmative reply will then automatically change the state of the appointment to “confirmed” without any human intervention. This is usually displayed by a state and colour change on-screen. A non-affirmative reply can simply change the appointment state to another colour on-screen and show the entire SMS message to the end user.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

When communicating with a large number of clients, SMS messaging can generate huge cost savings for the user when compared to mobile call costs and standard post for any promotional initiatives. Mobile calls are generally a lot more expensive (most calls usually take more than a minute) and it is “labour” intensive. An automated SMS campaign can be very cost-effective. For this reason, SMS messages are very popular for marketing campaigns.


One of the main advantages of SMS is that it is virtually instant. Most other forms of marketing take time to implement. A company can respond to a competitor’s offer almost immediately to its client base via such a service. Such speed in communicating to a client base can be very valuable in any competitive business environment.

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